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Valentina project


In the academic year 2007-2008, the Universitat Politècnica de València launched the Valentina project, whose objective is to improve the perception of technical degrees among high-school students.

To this aim, they organise awareness-raising workshops to break down gender stereotypes and also improve knowledge among students about technical professions and engineering. The end goal is to attract more women to these professions.


A multidisciplinary group visits high schools to conduct workshops and, a few days thereafter, visits once again to conduct a survey among students.

The group is made up of personnel from the Systems Engineering and Automation Department of the Universitat Politècnica de València as well as faculty from the Health Psychology Department of the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche.

The group members have long-standing experience in research projects and in conducting activities related to the promotion of equal opportunities and gender diversity in the professional and educational sphere.


This activity comprises two sessions: in the first session, workshops are conducted and in the second, a survey is carried out among students.

The first session is a 50-minute awareness-raising workshop, where gender stereotypes associated with technical professions are analysed in order to break down the barriers that lead to girls considering these professions to a much lesser degree.

A group activity representing a court scene is carried out with students. The students are divided into two groups and must present arguments for and against the presence of women in technical professions. Thereafter, a debate ensues and conclusions are drawn.

In the following week, the second phase of the activity takes place - the survey. The aim of this phase is to analyse the effect of the workshop on students' perceptions regarding technical professions and the motivation of girls to pursue these studies.

Target group and dates 

This activity is aimed at students in the 4th year of high school and is conducted in September, October and December.


High schools interested in participating in this project should contact the Communications Department by email or by telephone to set up a visit.

Further information 

http://www.valentinas.upv.es http://www.valentinas.upv.es (open in a new windows)

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