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Magistrales 2023

"Teaching of 10", "the best teacher in the galaxy", "an extraterrestrial"... the UPV recognises the extraordinary work of secondary education teachers

[ 15/05/2023 ]

"Without a doubt, she is a teacher who makes a mark". "She was a joy to enter the classroom". "Teaching of 10". "I will never forget her classes". "She is by far the most dedicated teacher I have ever had". "The best physics teacher in the galaxy". "An extraterrestrial". "With her, everything is much more enjoyable and fun. She is the best". "A great teacher and a better person". "Thank you for being there through thick and thin." "An excellent tutor who wants her students to learn a lot and be happy."

These are some of the emotional messages that the first-year students of the UPV have dedicated to the secondary school teachers who left an indelible mark on them. Each of these phrases is included in the diploma that was presented to the 25 teachers of 2023. The Universitat Politècnica de València once again held the Magistrales event, an exclusive initiative presided over by the rector José E. Capilla, which aims to recognise the work of an entire profession: that of secondary education teachers.

10 exceptional women and 15 amazing men

In this sixth edition, the UPV has selected 10 women and 15 men based on a survey carried out among first-year students. The students themselves recommend a teacher with a name and surname, someone who has marked them for their exceptional abilities, a teacher they remember for their dedication, mastery of their subject, patience, involvement and ability to motivate students.

As in previous editions, there are teachers from all over the Valencian Community: Ontinyent, Vall d'Uixó, Callosa de Segura, Cullera, Sueca and Càrcer. The teachers all teach technical subjects - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technology, Computer Science... - except Álvaro García Hernández, a Spanish Language and Literature teacher at the Benlliure secondary school in Valencia. They work in both public and private or state-subsidised education. It so happens that several of those who received the most votes repeated their recognition.

José Luis Carrillo, teacher: "for some, it's torture; to me, it gives me life".

On behalf of all the 2023 honorees, José Luis Carrillo, teacher of Mathematics at IES Joan Fuster, in Sueca, took the floor. Carillo expressed his gratitude for this initiative: "An award is always welcome, but in this case it is all the more so because it is not based on a report, an exam, a statistic or the approval of the inspectorate. The memory and affection of those who know best how we do our work, our students, brings us here".

The teacher from Sueca is genuinely passionate about his work: "What can be torture for many - facing 30 hormonally vibrant secondary school students every day, real-time bombs, with a selective listening capacity, so to speak - is very stimulating for me. It's a battle that gives me life, a continuous source of energy that takes away all my ills".

Alejandra Maximino, student: "you can't imagine what you are for us".

Alejandra Maximino, a student of the Degree in Aerospace Engineering, was in the reply. Maximino was full of praise for the teaching staff. "It is possible that, during these years, we have not told you much. It is even possible that we gave you evil faces as answers. We don't usually show you our feelings much, but you can't understand what you are for us. You are an example to follow. You have taught us about values, about the importance of honesty, integrity, empathy and humility. You have made a place in our hearts. You deserve this award. You have earned it. Congratulations."

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