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COVID-19 tracing

COVID-19 tracing

Collaborate in coronavirus tracing. Thanks to DeteCCovid, you only need to give your consent and connect to UPVNET

[ 30/09/2020 ]

The UPV has implemented DeteCCovid, a solution that allows cell phones to be tracked, in a completely anonymous way, and facilitates detecting people who were close to a positive case of COVID-19.

To collaborate in tracing the coronavirus, all you have to do is give your consent and connect to the UPVNET network whenever you are on campus.

The DeteCCovid system has two fundamental advantages:

- There is no need for you to install any app, and it is transparent and reliable. After you grant your consent, the data will be recorded directly from the campus UPVNET network.

- All the information thus generated will be encrypted and completely confidential. Only the health authorities can decrypt it in the event of positive cases being detected.

The technology, developed by the Area of Information and Communication Systems (ASIC) and the VRAIN Institute of the UPV, is aimed at the entire UPV community.

It is easy to make your stay at the university much safer for you and for everyone. Do not forget to give your consent today!

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