The Research Institute for Industrial, Radiophysical and Environmental Safety (ISIRYM) is a multi-disciplinary University Research Institute of the Universitat Politècnica València (UPV) for the promotion and development of excellent scientific research, technology transfer, technical advising to companies of the sector and qualified training of personnel in its technological areas.

ISIRYM starts its activity in 2004, with location in the "Campus de Vera" of the Universitat Politècnica València. In 2015 it has been established as University Research Institute (DECREE 54/2015 of 30th April, of the Consell) This centre has more than 70 professionals pertaining to 4 research groups of long recognized research trajectory of the UPV:

IEC: Electrochemical Engineering and Corrosion
SENUBIO: Nuclear Safety and Bioengineering of the Ionizing Radiation
PROMETEO: Membrane Process and Environmental Effluent Treatment
GL2S: Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactors Laboratory

The creation of ISIRYM is a firm commitment to consolidate the evolution, both of the remarkable research activity and technology transfer from the involved groups. This is intended to give a boost to the social and industrial development at regional, national and international level.The multidisciplinary character of this centre allows to successfully undertaking research and technological projects of great spread.

Euromembrane 2018 Euromembrane 2018

We are proud to announce the Euromembrane 2018 conference (Valencia, 9th-13th July) ...

NOTICIA 2 Business chair CSN Vicente Serradell

The objective of the business chair Vicente Serradell is to promote the training of highly qualified professionals in nuclear safety and radiation protection ...

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