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The organisation has an associative character which is based upon the active participation of its members. ISF counts with the participation of volunteers as well as that of remunerated staff, which both work shoulder to shoulder for the achievement of their goals, sharing responsibilities and initiatives..
Model of organisation of ISF
Efficiency and participation are, therefore, the two aspects on which the model of organisation of ISF is based on.
Professionals at ISF
ISF was chosen a mixed model, which unites volunteers and remunerated professionals, and which is aimed to increase the working capacity at every level of the organisation..
Volunteering at ISF
Ingeniería Sin Fronteras desde un principio se ha definido como una asociación de VOLUNTARIADO. Su papel es determinante, es decir, no se puede entender la propia existencia de Ingeniería Sin Fronteras así como su actuación, si no es a través de la participación del voluntariado.
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