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Functional Analysis Valencia 2000
July 3-7, 2000

International Functional Analysis Meeting in Valencia
on the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of Professor Manuel Valdivia,

a Satellite Conference to the Third European Congress of Mathematics in Barcelona.

The meeting will take place in Valencia as a joint venture of the

[Unilogo] Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the [Unilogo] Universidad de Valencia

in the week before the Third European Congress of Mathematics in Barcelona.
Arrival day: Sunday, July 2, departure day: Saturday, July 8. Details of the schedule will be given later on.

The Scientific Organizing and Program Committee consists of:

The Honour Committee consists of:

Invited Speakers

Here you can find various links:

The Local Organizing Committee includes members of the faculty of both universities of Valencia, e.g.

The Local Committee would like to extend special thanks to the following colleagues of the Universidad Politécnica who have been very helpful with the organization of the meeting:

Participants will have the opportunity to submit abstracts for lectures of 25 minutes in parallel session at the meeting. Details will be announced later on. The Proceedings of the conference will be published in the series North-Holland Mathematics Studies.

If you are interested, make a preregistration by sending an e-mail to VLC2000
More details can be found in the

First Circular Letter
Second Circular Letter
Registration form (ps-file) Second Circular Letter

Registration form (doc-file)
Registration form (txt-file)

Third Circular Letter

We would like to thank the following institutions for their support:

Here is the link to a virtual tour through

AG Funktionalanalysis Paderborn

Author: Birgit Duddeck, October 2000