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Technical Agricultural Engineer in Agrarian and Food Industries (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

The aim of this specialisation is to offer academic training that includes all aspects of the agro-food industry, from food technology and the agricultural industry to the management of agro-food companies, including projects, planning, production and product marketing.

Career opportunities 

Technical agricultural engineers, specialising in agrarian and food industries, can pursue a career in the following areas:

  • Management positions in the agro-food industries (transforming agrarian products into consumer foods).
  • Control of production, quality, transportation and distribution of agro-food products.
  • Improvements to the technologies applied in the agro-food industry.
  • Designing farms, building and construction management in the agro-food industry.
  • Study and assessment of environmental impact.
  • Measurements, valuations, property appraisals and writing experts' reports for insurance purposes, legal testimony and the like.
  • Projects related to facilities and marketing.

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