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The following functions are entrusted to the Vice-Rector's Office for Art, Science, Technology and Society:

  • To promote the synergies between art, science and technology and enable multidisciplinary cultural and innovation projects that integrate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
  • To enhance collaboration with cultural institutions to develop training, research and dissemination of art, science and technology originated in the university.
  • To design, implement and coordinate a Citizen Science program.
  • To preserve, enhance and disseminate cultural heritage: Art, museums and collections funds.
  • To promote the necessary measures to adapt the publishing service to the principles of open science.
  • To boost and develop social action measures in collaboration with public and private entities as an important part of the university’s social responsibility.
  • To design, implement and coordinate issues related to gender and equality plans.
  • To promote full integration into the university community of people with functional diversity and encourage their incorporation into the workplace..
  • To direct the management of the Senior University.
  • To manage relationships with their graduates through Alumni UPV.
  • To manage the social action policy of the Universitat Politècnica de València.
  • To manage the service to students with functional diversity.

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