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Requirements for Admission to Courses

a) General Requirements:

To be a member of the UPV: students, teaching and research staff, administration and service personnel, and members of PLUS UPV Alumni.

b) Specific requirements:

For courses or modules that make up each level: B1.1 and B1.2 (Elementary), B2.1 and B2.2 (Intermediate), C1.1 and C1.2 (Advanced), and C2 and C2.1. 2 (Proficiency): it is compulsory to have a certificate of competence from the previous level issued by the UPV, by any university of the Xarxa Vives network, or a certificate from the JQCV or Official Language Schools. It is not necessary to have completed the first module of each level (.1) in order to attend the second module (.2)

For example, in order to enrol in the course B1.1 (the first semester) or B1.2 (second semester), you must have the certificate level A2 (Basic); to enrol in the course C2.1 or C2.2, you must have the certificate level C1 (Advanced).


You can also access courses of the first module (.1) with a certificate of attendance of the second module courses (.2) from the previous level. For example, if you have obtained this certificate of course B1.2, you can enrol in B2.1.

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