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Erasmus Digitalisation - Introduction and implementation at UPV

Erasmus Digitalisation or the "European Student Card initiative" is a process that goes far beyond a student card readable by any European institution. It is a digitalization project that seeks to establish an automatic connection between the computer systems and databases of all institutions that participate in the Erasmus+ program.This connection will create a network for the automatic exchange of data that should cover all the phases and aspects of student and staff mobility. This is the Erasmus Without Papers network or EWP Network.

The use of the EWP network by higher education institutions will become obligatory in several phases, with different deadlines

  • in 2021, for student Learning Agreements (initially only in mobility for studies with Erasmus+ program countries).
  • in 2022 for inter-institutional Agreements (IIAs), but for practical reasons, most universities need to sign them in the autumn of 2021
  • in 2023 for student nominations, student acceptance confirmations and Transcripts of Records.

Institutions may connect to the EWP Network in 3 different ways:

1. With their own mobility software (in-house mobility system)
2. With commercial software (third-party provider)
3. Through the website Erasmus Dashboard

Students may connect to EWP either through the software used by their home university (case 1 or 2 ) or alternatively using the Erasmus+ app (for general information and notifications) and the website www.learning-agreement.eu (for the management of their online Learning Agreement).

UPV has its own in-house software for the management of mobility programmes, called AIRE. UPV is currently updating this software and developing connectors for its connection with the EWP, thanks to the support of ASIC (IT Services at UPV). UPV will not use Dashboard for inter-institutional agreements (read below).

Further information and links about Digital Erasmus and the European Student Card Initiative:

SEPIE (Spanish Erasmus Agency): Digitalización Erasmus (Spanish only)
European Commission - European Student Card Initiative (= Digital Erasmus)
Erasmus Without Papers Project (European University Foundation)


Erasmus Inter-institutional agreements (IIAs) 2022-2027 - signature

In the cycle 2014-2021, UPV had almost 1500 agreements with almost 700 different institutions (KA103, Erasmus programme countries).

During the second semester of 2021 UPV is performing connection tests for incoming/outgoing inter-institutional agreements through the EWP network.

If everything works according to plan, in early 2022 UPV will be technically ready to exchange IIAs through the EWP network and will contact partner institutions by email to confirm this.

The European Commision has confirmed that the current 2014-2021 inter-institutional agreements may remain valid until both partners are ready to sign a new digital agreement following the EWP Network standards. See website of the European Commission (section "Digitalisation").

Following the guidelines ot the European Commission and the Spanish National Agency, UPV will confirm by email with its partners the intention to renew the existing agreements for the new period 2022-28.

Except for new agrements (not existing in the cycle 2013-21), UPV's policy is not to sign agreements in PDF format for the new period 2022-28. As a rule, we will confirm the renewal of agreements (or any change in the flows) by email. Later on, we will sign digital IIAs. As soon as the EWP connection is 100% operational, UPV will inform its partners to start the digital signater of agreements which were previously agreed upon. partners are ready to sign digitally, all negotiations and communications will be conducted by email ( no signatures of the Institutional representatives are necessary).

Useful information for the establishment of EWP Erasmus agreements with UPV

  • UPV has a decentralized structure for Erasmus mobility. UPV has 3 campuses and 14 Schools/Faculties (12 of them in Valencia + Alcoy campus and Gandia campus). Each campus and School/Faculty has its own Internationalisation Office, responsible for the negotiation and signaure of its own Erasmus+ agreeements.
    All UPV Schools/Faculties work in a coordinated way, with the support of the central International Office (
    OPII) and using the same shared sofware or mobility tool.
  • For the renewal of Erasmus+ agreements 2022-2027, UPV will coordinate negotiations and communication in the following way:
  1. When a partner HEI has agreements involving at least 4 UPV Schools/Faculties, communication will be coordinated by OPII (opii@upv.es), our Central offic. Despite having 1 single spokesperson, UPV's preference is to sign specific IIAs for each UPV School/Faculty.
  2. When a partner HEI has agreements involving 2 or 3 UPV Schools/Faculties, communication will be coordinated by the International Office of 1 of these Schools on behalf of all of them. Despite having 1 single spokesperson, UPV's preference is to sign specific IIAs for each UPV School/Faculty.
  3. When a partner HEI has agreements involving only 1 UPV School / Faculty, communication with the partner HEI and the signature of the agreement will be conducted directly by the UPV School/Faculty involved.
  • UPV will prioritize the renewal or creation of Erasmus agreements which include student mobility (SMS) versus agreements only for staff mobility.
  • UPV will not sign any EWP agreements including student mobility for traineeships; these mobilities must be negotiated individually on a case-by-case basis with UPV academic Departments or Research Institutes, outside the IIAs.
  • When checking student balance (incomings/outgoings), UPV counts the number of students, not semesters.

We kindly ask our Erasmus partners to fill in the following form to reply a few questions about their plans to renew agreements with UPV, the expected date in which they will be ready to sign agreements, etc.


OLAs (Online Learning Agreements)

During the first semester of 2021-2022 UPV will be connected to the EWP Network through the website Erasmus Dashboard only to read and sign OLAs.

In the meantime, our university will update its own mobility software to be able to receive/send, review and sign OLAs without any external systems or websites.

OLAs - UPV outgoing Erasmus students 2021-22:

In this transition year. we encourage outgoing students 21-22 to sign "traditional" Learning Agreeements, (hardcopies or PDF file). This will be the norm for students starting their mobility period in the 1st semester.

However, when a partner university requires OLA and OLA only, our students will use the website www.learning-agreement.eu to create their OLA. UPV will provisionally sign OLAs with the website Erasmus Dashboard.

During the academic year 2021-22 we will complete the updates on our mobility software and we will no longer use Erasmus Dashboard, only our own software for incoming/outgoing OLAs.

OLAs - Incoming Erasmus students 2021-22:

UPV may sign digitally the OLAs of incoming students who request it. Each student must create his/her OLA following instructions from their home university. In the fields of "Responsile person" and "Contact person", incoming students must write specific names and email addresses of UPV staff depending on their study area and host UPV School/Faculty.

UPV - Contact persons and emails for OLA review and signature (link will be added soon)


Contact persons for questions concerning Erasmus Without Papers

For general questions about EWP at UPV: Javier Calvo (jacaldi@upv.es) or Francisco Gómez (fgomezc@upv.es)

For specific questions about IIAs in a specific study area, please contact the Manager of the International Office in the relevant UPV School / Faculty. In case of doubt, please write to opii@upv.es (central International Exchange Programmes Office).


Electronic form for partner institutions - renewal of inter-institutional agreements

In order to collect information from our Erasmus+ partners about their intentions and contact persons for the renewal of Erasmus agreements for the 2022-2027, we have created an electronic form, which we kindly ask all universities to fill in. We are happy to collect answers both from Departmental/Faculty coordinators as well as from Central international Offices representing all study areas.

LINK TO ELECTRONIC FORM (estimated time to complete: 5-10 minutes)


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