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COVID19 - Info for INCOMING exchange students

COVID-19 Information for international exchange students

updated on 16/03/2020


The National Government has declared the state of alarm throughout Spain. It came into effect on the evening on Saturday 14 March, initially for 15 days. However, it is likely that this period will be extented.

Among other measures, this new context implies severe restrictions of movement for all citizens, until further notice. The main reason is simply to limit social contact as much as possible in order to slow down the outbreak and to help the healthcare system deal with the difficult cases.

Here is a good summary in English written by a well-known Spanish newspaper:



Please keep in mind that COVID-19 affects more seriously elderly people or persons with previous and specific health conditions.

For most incoming exchange students, there is no threat to their health. Most people who become infected only have mild symptoms, like some fever, cough or shortness of breath. Some people develop no symtoms at all. However, anyone could be infected without knowing it and spread the virus among other people who more vulnerable. Hence the importance of respecting social restrictions and confinement at home until the virus curve “flattens” and hospitals can deal with the (few) serious cases without collapsing.


If you are still in Valencia, we do not generally recommend that you return to your country. Most countries in Europe, and also other parts of the world have implemented or are about to implement travel restrictions or even confinement at home.

However, we understand and respect your decision if you prefer to return home or if you are instructed to do so by your home country or university. If you do, please plan ahead and inform yourself well about the current travel conditions to your country (connections available, restrictions, etc.).

If you return home and cancel your mobiity at UPV completely, remember to notify the UPV International Office in charge of your file. The staff will cancel your student enrolment and registration in all courses.


The estate of alarm does allow citizens to return to their place of residence. However, there are restrictions on rail, road and air traffic. It might be difficult in some cases



  1. buying food and groceries

  2. going to a healthcare center or hospital

  3. going to a pharmacy, computer/telephone/technology-related shop, post-office, tobacconist , newsagent's shop

You are NOT ALLOWED TO: practice sports outside home, meet friends or move around the city for any other purpose


It is not, but campus activity has been reduced to minimum services.There are no face-to-face classes; all libraries, computer classrooms and labs are closed .

Administrative services continue working, but basically online. In some cases, some minimal staff will be working on campus in shifts, but student receiving hours are generally cancelled.


UPV Vice-Rector for Studies, Quality and Accreditation has sent a document to all teaching staff with guidelines to re-organize all teaching content, BSc/MSc and PhD thesis, internships and evaluation.

You may read the document on UPV main website, link HERE (in Spanish)

Classes: you should expect to receive instructions from your instructors soon. Please be patient. This will require some transition time for everyone. While some of your teachers may require you to be online during the normal class hours, others will upload recorded classes, powerpoint, links to MOOCS, etc.

Face-to-face assessment activities (tests etc.) should be replaced, whenever possible, etc. with alternative online methods like projects, assignments or online tests. This may not always be possible in all cases, depending on the nature of the test, the content or the number of students enrolled.

We expect classes to resume before the end of the semester. Any teaching activities or tests that may not be replaced with online alternatives due to their nature, will be re-scheduled in the remaining weeks of the calendar.

Two frequent question are, can I follow a UPV course from home and obtain credits even if I am not coming back to Valencia any more? Can I complete my semester online?
Unfortunately we do not have one single and simple answer for this. We will try to be flexible, but please note that if we go back to normal academic life after some weeks, there could be obligatory exams, face-to-face classes or laboratory work, etc.

Please discuss this with each instructor individually, explaining your circumstances (could you eventually come back to Valencia for a few days or is it impossible in your case?) Make sure you cc/ the International Office in your faculty of admission at UPV.


Please stay in touch with your friends and family back home frequently. You cannot meet your new Valencia friends in person, but you can chat / whatsapp / play online or speak on the phone with them.

For entertainment, there is life beyond NETFLIX, HBO and Amazon Prime. Numerous artists and cultural institutions propose new or already existing forms of online culture. Keep an open eye, many national newspapers are including ideas in their updates about COVID-19. Here a just a few random ideas:

-Online museums: Tabacalera de Madrid ; Museo Arqueológico Nacional ; Museo del Prado ; Museo del Hermitage ; Rijksmuseum ; Musée du Louvre vr , Galeria degli Uffizi, MoMA; British Museum.

-Music festivals via social media:


Instagram @yomequedoencasafestival

-New York Metropolitan Opera will broadcast past performances weekly until it re-opens. Link here

Other national operas are coming up with similar initiatives

For other entertainment ideas and projects, look for hashtags like #yomequedoencasa #quedateencasa #coronavirusespaña


The state of alert in Spain does not allow anyone to go jogging or bike-riding and all gyms are closed temporarily, but there are other ways to stay fit .

Youtube and instagram are full of channels and profiles with tons of ideas to exercise at home.
Just type “Home workout”, “Fitness at home” and you will come accross lots of ideas.

There are many specialized workout apps, here are some free ones:


We all have some difficult weeks ahead. We cannot count on the face-to-face support of our friends and family. We must all stay calm and learn to to cope with a new situation.

If the current circumstances have caused you to stay home alone in Valencia and you develop a physical condition that requires help from others for basic needs (buying food or mediicines, going to the doctor), but if you have no one who can help you, (roommate, friend, neighbour), please contact us by email [opii@upvnet.upv.es] and we will see how we can help you.

Use the subject (title of your email) "Exchange student-home alone- HELP", and make sure you write your mobile number and your full address.

Keep in mind that our staff also has limited movements and we are working mostly online. This is not a hotline for psycolochical support. Use this if you really require urgent some help and have no one else.



Due to the sanitary situation created the coronavirus COVID-19, the Valencian public universities have decided to cancel temporarily all in-person teaching. Starting on Monday 16 March, all classes will be online. You can read the official announcement made by the UPV rector in the link below


We wish to underline that teaching activity (bachelor and master’s classes) will continue normally via the online teaching platform Poliforma-T and other electronic resourses.

The official announcement speaks about a suspension of all student and staff exchange programmes. We want to clarify that this does NOT affect incoming exchange students who are already in UPV. The suspension affects new mobilities (students and staff from other universities who were supposed to come to UPV)

UPV considers that incoming students who are already here may continue with their mobility as usual, with online classes until further notice. Administration services remain open, although with additional sanitary precautions.

If you return to your home country indefinitely (forever) by personal choice or by imposition from national authorities or from your home university, you must inform the International Office of your host School/Faculty at UPV. It is also important that you inform your UPV instructors (teachers). Please be attentive to their instructions.

Some students have received emails offering transport to return to their home countries in Europe, Italy in particular, supposedly financed by the Erasmus+ programme. These Sometimes the sender requests personal data or a payment. We would like to warn you against this kind of messages. Always double-check with official sources, like Italian Embassy in Madrid – web Emergenza Coronavirus and the official Twitter account of the Italian Embassy in Madrid , @ItalyinSPA

For other countries, check also the official website of twitter account of your Embassy or Consulate. .

Remember to check this website frequently for any important updates


You can see the basic Public health reccomendations in the link below:

Valencia Region_COVID_Reccomendations

Ministry of Health_COVID_Info for travellers

A summary of these recommendations is as follows:

➢ In case you develop symptoms of a respiratory infection, avoid close contact with other persons. Stay home and call the Healthcare Authorities. They will assess your case

➢ When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and dispose of it immediately. Wash your hands immediately. If you do not have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve, not your hands

➢ Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

➢ Wash your hands frequently.

In case of fever, cough or shortness of breath, contact 900 300555 to receive further instructions. This is the toll-free number when you are in the Valencia Region (provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante). If you are elsewhere check the most direct number in this link (*):


(*) 112 (Europe-wide Emergency Telephone Number) will also work, but we recommend you use the more direct and specific number established by the regional authorities

Although the Fallas festival has been cancelled in Valencia the Fallas holidays are still in place. During this period, please avoid travelling

On this site we will keep posting the updates on this situation for our incoming exchange student community. In the meantime, if you have any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

International Exchange Programms Office Team



Actualizado 13/03/2020

Debido a la situación sanitaria provocada por el Coronavirus COVID-19, las universidades públicas valencianas han decidido suspender temporalmente las clases presenciales. A partir del próximo lunes 16 de marzo las clases serán online. Encontrarás el comunicado oficial del Rector de la UPV en el siguiente enlace


Deseamos aclarar que la actividad docente (clases de grado y máster) continúa con normalidad a través de la Plafaforma Poliforma-T y otros recursos electrónicos similares.

El comunicado oficial también habla de una suspensión de todos los programas intercambio de estudiantes y personal. Queremos aclararte que esto NO afecta a los estudiantes de intercambio recibidos que ya están en la UPV, se refiere a nuevas movilidades (personas que aún no habían venido a la UPV).

La UPV considera que las movilidades entrantes ya iniciadas continúan con normalidad, con clases online hasta nuevo aviso. Todos los servicios administrativos continúan abiertos, aunque con precauciones sanitarias adicionales.

Los Servicios administrativos continúan abiertos, aunque con precauciones sanitarias adicionales.

Si por decisión personal o por instrucciones de tu universidad de origen, decides regresar a tu país de forma definitiva, debes comunicarlo a la oficina de Relaciones internacionales de la Escuela/Facultad donde estás matriculada/o. Es importante que también lo comuniques a tus profesores en la UPV y prestes atención a sus indicaciones.

Hemos recibido noticias de que circulan alumnos mensajes fraudulentos ofreciendo transporte de regreso a algunos países, especialmente a Italia, pagado por el programa Erasmus. Algunos correos solicitan datos personales o el pago de una cantidad. Te recomendamos precaución con este tipo de mensajes y que contrastes la información con fuentes oficiales, como

Embajada de Italia en Madrid – web Emergenza Coronavirus y el Twitter oficial de la Embajada de Italia en Madrid, @ItalyinSPA

Para otros países, consulta también la página web o la cuenta oficial de Twitter de tu Embajada o Consulado.

Recuerda visitar esta página con frecuencia para ver posibles novedades



Puedes ver las recomendaciones de Salud pública en el siguiente link :

Ministerio de Sanidad_COVID_info para viajeros

Comunidad Valenciana_COVID_recomendaciones

Aquí tienes un resumen de las recomendaciones:

➢ Si desarrollas síntomas de infección respiratoria, evita el contacto con otras personas. Quédate en casa y llama a las autoridades sanitarias, quienes evaluarán tu situación.

➢ Cuando tosas o estornudes, cubre tu boca y nariz con un pañuelo de papel y tíralo inmediatamente. Después, lávate las manos. Si no tienes un pañuelo de papel, tose o estornuda en tu brazo con el codo flexionado, no en tus manos.

➢ Evita tocarte los ojos, nariz y boca.

➢ Lávate las manos con frecuencia.

En caso de fiebre, tos o falta de aire, llama al 900 300555 para recibir instrucciones. Este es el número gratuito si estás en la Comunitat Valenciana (provincias de Castellón, Valencia y Alicante). Si estás en otro sitio, comprueba al número más directo en este enlace (*): https://www.mscbs.gob.es/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov-China/img/COVID19_que_hacer.jpg

El 112 (Teléfono de Emergencias en toda Europa) también sirve, pero te recomendamos que uses el número más directo establecido por cada comunidad autónoma en España.

Aunque las fiestas de Fallas han sido canceladas, los días festivos siguen en vigor. Durante este periodo, te recomendamos que evites viajar

En esta página web iremos actualizando toda la información y noticias que tengamos sobre COVID-19 para nuestros alumnos de intercambio entrantes. Mientras tanto, para cualquier duda o cuestión, no dudes en contactar con nostr@s

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