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New bachelor for the academic year 2020-21

New bachelor for the academic year 2020-21

ETSA-UPV is preparing the new Curriculum for the future Bachelor in Interiors Architectural Design


What is Interiors Architectural Design? It is an interdisciplinary field that uses communication in representation and technology with a technical and artistical orientation for its professional implementation in business and productive industries of building, culture and leisure.  

Goals: To provide practitioners with a multidisciplinary education making them able to analyze, research and project works about interior design as well as to lead projecting and executing teams for these works, being also direct interlocutor with public administrations within the scope of the profession. 

Career opportunities: Practitioners highly qualified for interior desing in any of its varieties and purposes: 

  • Public space elements
  • Works management
  • Scenography
  • Graphic design and multimedia
  • 3D design
  • Animation
  • Audiovisual and interactive industries

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