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Seminario: Shaping the hábitat through Community participation

Título: Shaping the hábitat through Community participation

Fecha: 23/06/2017

Hora: 9:30-10:30  

Lugar: ETSA

Duración estimada: 1.00h


It is widely acknowledged that citizens need to have an active role in the processes of defining their living spaces, at the various scales, from the domestic to the public. This poses some challenges:

- Fostering pedagogic paradigms such as “action learning” and “action research” in the curriculum dealing with housing         in the architecture and planning schools

- Creating spaces of interaction and collaboration between local stakeholders and academic representatives

- Developing methodologies which facilitate the dialogue and exchange of knowledge between professionals and citizens

- Forming architects and planners with the skills and attitudes that enable them to carry out projects with the participation of non-professionals (co-housing, participatory planning,…)

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