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Administrative and academic functions

The functions of the Doctoral School of the UPV are as follows:

A) Academic functions:

  1. Evaluate and present for verification the doctoral programmes of the UPV.
  2. Plan, publish, organise, and supervise activities related to the training and development of doctoral studies.
  3. Establish evaluation criteria for doctoral candidates relative to the educational and professional objectives of each programme, and monitor programmes regarding the evaluation of training and research activities of doctoral candidates.
  4. Assign the teaching of training activities according to quality-related criteria.
  5. Evaluate the quality of teaching in cross-curricular training activities at the school.
  6. Help develop excellence in doctoral programmes and doctoral theses.
  7. Facilitate the employment of doctoral graduates, especially through the organisation of research visits to companies, institutions, and public or private research organisations; as well as by organising forums for the production and commercial sectors related to doctoral programmes.
  8. Participate in the process of evaluating the quality of doctoral programmes: including verification; monitoring; accreditation; and encourage actions for improvement.
  9. Encourage cooperation in R&D+i with external public and private organisations (public research organisations and other agencies, institutions, foundations, and companies), especially at an international level, and in accordance with legislation and UPV statutes.
  10. Encourage and facilitate the mobility of lecturers and doctoral students.
  11. Participate in public and private institutions when a presence or consultancy is required.

B) Administrative functions:

  1. Manage doctoral programmes developed within research units, in accordance with the statutes of the UPV.
  2. Organise contacts with research units involved in doctoral programmes, as well as other participating entities, in order to ensure the coordination of training activities and the best use of academic and administrative resources.
  3. Organise and manage the administrative processing of student records for programmes: including pre-registration, registration, activity logs, theses, issue of transcripts, processing of acknowledgments, record transfers, issuing of awards, and other key functions.
  4. Organise and manage, in accordance with current legislation, processes relating to the presentation and defence of doctoral theses.
  5. Organise training for the development of cross-curricular research skills.
  6. Organise and manage the assigned material resources and services.
  7. Manage other matters related to the delivery of doctoral studies at the UPV that are not assigned to other units.

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