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Information and application process

The possibility of doing your PhD part-time is included, both in the national regulations, article 3 of Royal Decree 99/2011, and in points 3 and 5 of the institutional regulations.

The application to study part-time can be made at the time of requesting admission (pre-registration) or later, once the enrollment is done (through the student's UPV INTRANET: Secretaría Virtual – Matrícula a Tiempo Parcial). A reason (limited observations field) will be requested, and once the request has been made, upload a supporting document, which will vary, depending on the cause that supports the request.

If the cause is work: company certificate (with start and end dates or start and current situation), or work life report. Payroll or contracts are not accepted, since they contain information that is not needed and exclude information that is needed.

If the cause is different and there are no documents that justify it, a statement by the applicant detailing the situation that justifies the request, in pdf document, may be sufficient.

Once the application has been approved by the Academic Committee of the program, the partial time dedication will be maintained in future enrollments, unless requested otherwise.

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