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Dónde depositar los datos

The database chosen to store data must guarantee it will be kept safe over the long term, and ensure that data can be consulted and accessed.

Any data created can be stored on specific databases for a particular discipline or subject area, which can be located through the re3datadirectory. A list of databases by subject can be found at http://service.re3data.org/browse/by-subject/.

When choosing a database there are some aspects that should be kept in mind, such as the subject area, storage capacity, ease of data recovery, whether a unique identifier will be assigned for each data set (DOI or URN), whether there is publication embargo period for the data, and choosing a suitable license for use. Consult the Recommendations for choosing a database by the CSUC (in Spanish).

If no suitable database is found for your research data, you can use:

Zenodo a database for research data funded by the OpenAIRE project.

Eudat (European Data Infrastructure): a multi-institutional project funded by the EU H2020 program.

If you want to store your data in Riunet, the database run by the UPV, you should know that it is intended for storing documentation and not datasets, although in certain cases you can store data. We therefore recommend contacting your administrator at : riunet@bib.upv.es.

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