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Horizon 2020 and open access research data

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In order to encourage open-access science, the European Commission launched a pilot initiative to enable open access to research data from projects funded by Horizon 2020.

The European Commission has informed that in 2017 the H2020 data project will no longer be a pilot, and all projects funded by H2020 (with some justified exceptions) must ensure open access to research data.

Projects participating in H2020 have to draw up a Data Management Plan (DMP) the first version of which must be made available during the first 6 months of the project.

A Data Management Plan is a document that describes how research data, whether gathered or recorded during a research investigation, will be processed. All projects must store their data on a database, so that it can be easily accessed and used again.


  • When this does not comply with the responsibility to protect results if they can be used for commercial or industrial purposes

  • When this does not comply with confidentiality or security issues

  • When this does not comply with regulation on personal data protection

  • When it may jeopardise the objective of the project

  • When the project does not gather or collect data

  • For any other legitimate reason, which must be stated in the project proposal phase

In order to comply with open access data requirements, participating projects must complete two steps:

The European Commission will cover the technical and professional costs associated with managing and sharing open access data.

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