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Loans, renewals and reserves

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Document loans


Students can borrow up to 30 items. Books have a 15-day loan period, while a 7-day loan applies to films and journals. If there are reservations, such period is reduced to 7 days for study books and 3 days for films. The loan period for literature books is not reduced even if they are reserved.

Delays in the return will be a one-day suspension per day of delay for each of the items from the date of return.


You can renew items up to a maximum of 4 months’ time (2 months in the case of films and journals), provided they do not have any reservation and that you have not any suspension or are in possession of any overdue documents.

Items will automatically renew two days before their due date, extending their loan period from their original due dates. If items cannot be renewed, you will receive an email with the due date.

Reservation of books

If you are interested in a borrowed document, you can book it through PoliBuscador: log in, locate the document in the catalogue, click on the option "reserve" and choose the library where you would like to collect it. As soon as the reserved book is assigned to you, you will receive an email and a period of two working days to collect it at the loan desk.

In addition, you can reserve through PoliBuscador study books available in any Library of the Vera, Gandia or Alcoi Campuses and choose the Library to collect it.

Those books located in the Store Room must be reserved even if they are not on loan. In general, they are given out during the day; when they are available for collection you will receive an email informing you to go to the loan desk, as in the case of reservations.

For more information, Ask a Librarian

You can also check the FAQ or go to our loan and information desks.

Laptop loans

If you are studying for a formal qualification from UPV and you need a laptop, you can borrow one from the Central Library, or from the Gandía-CRAI Campus and Alcoy Campus Libraries.

You must identify yourself with your National Identity Card or Student card and fill in the registration form (only once per academic year) with the conditions of the laptop loan. Check how the service operates.

To connect to laptops you need to enter your username and password for access to the UPVNET network. You can find more information at infoacceso.upv.es

Group study cabins

Most UPV libraries have a study cabin loan service for people who need to work as a group (minimum 2 people).

To apply for this loan, please go to the corresponding Library desk. In this link you will find more information about available spaces for group work.

Device loans

Most UPV libraries lend devices, like headphones, computer mice and Mac and Toshiba chargers, which you might find useful. To borrow a device, go to the Library desk.


For further information Policonsulta.

You can also consult Types of loan and FAQ on loans.

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