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Loan of electronic books


How the service works

The UPV Library offers a new service: loan of e-books. It will be available to all UPV students, plus administration and services staff, and teaching and research staff, through the Odilo platform.

Odilo allows you to borrow and reserve e-books, read them online and download them on your computer, tablet and e-reader.


We have a collection of nearly 6,000 scientific exchange books by Spanish publishers and a leisure collection that will gradually increase, in accordance with the users’ interests.

Loan conditions

Maximum number of copies that can be borrowed: 1

Loan days: 15

Maximum number of reservations: 1

Reservation management: Users will receive an email telling them that the book that they reserved is now available; then they must borrow it within the next 48 hours. After this time, their reservation will be cancelled and the next user will be notified of the book’s availability.

Book loans cannot be renewed.

The Library has prepared two guides: one to help you install Adobe Digital Editions and the other one explaining how e-book loan and My Account in Odilo work.

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