Publicaciones de Begoña Montero Fleta


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·        Active learning to improve long-term knowledge retention
Actas del XII Simposio Internacional de Comunicación Social, pp. 75-79, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba


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·        A spoken genre gets written: Online football commentaries in English, French and Spanish Written Communication, 25(2), 235-261

·        Orality and literacy, formality and informality in email communication. Ibérica, 15, 71-88

Publicaciones anteriores

·        Investigación cualitativa y cuantitativa en la coevaluación: Correlación profesor-alumnos

·        Discussion forum interactions: text and context

·        Simulation/Gaming and the Acquisition of Communicative Competence in Another Language

·        Discourse Analysis of Internet-forum Communication and its Application to Simulation and Gaming

·        Oral presentation assessment of simulation portfolios

·        Playing to communicate effectively "Know-it-all Linguists"

·        Learning communities in simulation and gaming

·        Emotions under control when debating



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