The rich variety ol Valencian cuisine, reflecting the diversity of local products, is another ol the pleasant surprises that await you. Among the region's well known dishes, Valencian paella ( 33Kb ) is the true protagonist. Genuine paella is done over a wood fire, with the broth being prepared first before adding the rice.

But there are many other valencian rice recipes, such as: arròs a banda ( 14Kb ) (rice dish with seafood), arròs negre (rice with squid, hence "black"), arròs al forn (oven-baked rice), arròs amb bledes (rice with chard), arròs amb fesols i naps (with haricot beans and turnip)...

You can also stil try other treats such as fideuà (a kind of paella with noodles instead of rice), originally from Gandia; all i pebre (eels in garlic sauce), from the inland lagoon of Albufera; suquet de peix (fisherman's dish); esgarrat (salted cod with sweet peppers); figatell (meatballs made from liver).

All of these can be enjoyed together with Valencian wines - white from the Alto Turia and Serranía areas, or red from Requena, Utiel and Campo de Llíria. And in addition to the quality of Valencia's fruits, in which oranges ( 12Kb ) play a major role, you'll find an extensive array of confectionery, the star of which is the arnadí (a pie made from sweet potatoes) and a series of typical refreshments such as horchata de chufa (tiger nut milk), often accompanied by fartons (a kind of sweet breadstick), originating in Alboraya.

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