Popular festivities

The open, festive character of towns in the Land of Valencia is well known at home and abroad. Among many others, Sagunt is a prime example of this.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, local Fallas are held from 15 to 19 March. Fireworks, colour, gunpowder and merrymaking are the keynotes. The twenty-five monumental figurines assembled in town squares, the sounds of music and the sight of continual processions in the streets provide much material for happy memories.

Holy Week in Sagunt is also of note, with celebration dating from the 15th century. Interesting sights are the Calvary Procession made from the hermitage of the Holy Blood to the Calvary, and the grandiose procession of the Holy Burial. Other activities include sacred music concerts, an auction of Pasos (religious effigies) and Sayones (religious tunics), the Silent Procession, the Sermon of the Descent and the Resurrection Mass.

During the second half of July the patron saint festivities are held to honour the Saints Abdon and Senen, and the Virgen del Buen Suceso. Sagunt's Moorish history has also given rise to the feast of the Moors and Christians during the celebrations honouring the Virgen del Remedio in the month of October.

In Puerto de Sagunto, patron saint festivities are held to honour Nuestra Senora de Begona during the first half of August, with greasy poles and duck catching off the quay in the port.

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