Sagunt: A virtual trip

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Capital of the district of Camp de Morvedre, Sagunt is located in the northern part of Valencia province at the foot of a hill belonging to the Sierra Calderona.

Sagunt ( also named Sagunto in Castilian) is a town which offers a two millennia history written in ancient stone, a town of contrasts and contradictions, for it is both modern and ancient, new and old, rural and urban, preterite yet future, inland yet close to the sea, having extended its tentacles to the shore of the Mediterranean.

The Port of Sagunt is home to industry and tourism, which are the major economic activities, together with citrus fruit production.

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If you choose just to take a walk by the streets, this map of the city ( 32K ) will help you. There is anoter map of the maritim district (Port de Sagunt) ( 37K ) available.

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