Castellón cuisine is basically a treatise on fish and rice. Assorted shellfish platters (mariscadas), grilled fish (parrilladas) and seafood medleys (zarzuelas) are well worth a try. Rice dishes include a fisherman's paella (paella marinera) or a mixed paella (seafood and chicken), arros a banda (rice cooked paella-style in fish broth) and the traditional paella with rabbit, chicken and vegetables. Broths from the mountain regions are hearty. Don't overlook the tombet (a rabbit stew) from the Maestrazgo or Els Ports mountains of the interior. Deserts include pastries such as rollets d'anís (anisette rolls), rollets

d'ou (egg rolls) or coques de panses i nous (nut and raisin cakes). Almonds with honey and curds is also a typical desert, and of course there is a great variety of fruits, with oranges reigning supreme along the coastal region.

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