Castellón: A virtual trip

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Located on the fertile plain known as La Plana between the mountains and the sea, the city of Castellón de la Plana lies on the intersection of the 40th parallel and the 0° meridian.

As capital of one of the most mountainous provinces in Spain, yet bathed by the Mediterranean along its 112 km of coastline, Castellón is a forward-looking city in which broad, modern avenues and narrow streets and plazas from yesteryear combine to form a special atmosphere. A walk around town is a pleasant experience. On your stroll, you can find many pleasant surprises: beautiful modernist buildings, modern shops, shady parks and important Gothic and Renaissance monuments.

With its deep cultural roots, Castellón de la Plana celebrates its history with fiestas and annual events throughout the year. A look towards the sea confirms the Mediterranean style of Castellón de la Plana. Its carefully attended beaches lay on both sides of the port through which a large amount of exports are shipped each year, accounting for a substantial part of the provincial economy, based mainly on ceramic tile manufacturing, agriculture and tourism.

The mild climate of the coastal regions owes much to the sea and the protéction from cold northwest winds provided by the mountain spurs of the Desert de les Palmes. These two factors have a decisive influence on the city's mean annual temperature of 17°C., enabling outdoor activities to be practised throughout the year.

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If you choose just to take a walk by the streets, this map of Castellon ( 164K ) will help you.

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