The calendar in Alicante is fuller than usual as far as festivities are concerned. Depending on the season in which you happen to be staying in the city, you can take your pick from an extensive variety of fiestas.

The most important of these are undoubtedly what Alicanteans call Les Fogueres de Sant Joan held at the end of June. This is the time of year during which Alicante becomes completely transformed. Dozens of monuments made of wood and papier-mâché are assembled in the streets throughout the city. Humour, satire and criticism of daily life bring many a smile to the faces of spectators. On the night of 24 June, after a shattering palmera, or fireworks display, all monuments are summarily consumed by the flames.

These festivities, however, last until 29 June, overlapping with the Feast of San Pedro, featuring colourful processions, fantastic fireworks and revelling in the popular barracas, makeshift fiesta houses constituting the centre of attraction for locals and visitors alike, with live outdoor music and dancing every night. Another prominent festivity is the romeria, or pilgrimage, to the neighbouring village of Santa Faz, held on the second Thursday following the eighth week after Easter and attracting thousands of "pilgrims".

Next to the village a fair is installed where all types of ceramic objects are sold, with the emphasis on botijos, or earthenware drinking jugs with a spout and handle. One of the oldest celebrations in Alicante is the fiesta of the Moors and Christians. Many districts of the city organise processions, which take Place during the Summer. This is a fiesta no one should miss, as the pomp and lavishness of the Moorish and Christian companies are something to inspire one's admiration.

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