Alicante: A virtual trip

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Alicante's exceptional location between the mountains and the sea provides the city with a special kind of enrapturing beauty. The city, wherever one roams, is pervaded with the savour of the sea, playing its deeply-felt role as a seaport, as it has always done.

As Juan Gil-Albert said, "Alicante looks uninterruptedly to the Mediterranean", or in the words of Gabriel Miró "my city is pierced through and through by the Mediterranean". Another native author, Joan Fuster, wrote that Alicante "is without a doubt, the friendliest of all Valencian cities, a city one would choose to live in if one were to exchange a village for a city".

This love, care and affection shown to Alicante stems from two premises, the first of which is its privileged location and the second the mildness of its climate, with an average year round temperature of 18 C.

You can find information on these aspects:

If you choose just to take a walk by the streets, this map of Alicante ( 186K ) will help you.

Enjoy the trip!

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