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New challenges for Language Centres: Towards mutual recognition of qualifications

The UPV is a public, dynamic and innovative institution that is dedicated to researching and teaching. It maintains strong bonds with its social environment and a strong presence abroad. Currently, our university community is made up of over 42.000 people. Of these, nearly 37.800 are students, 2.600 are members of the teaching and research staff and 1.700 are administrative and services personnel. UPV is composed of 10 schools, 3 faculties and 2 higher polytechnic schools.

The Language Centre of the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia is pleased to invite you to a European encounter to mark its 10th anniversary with the aim of strengthening the ties between Language Centres and fostering mutual recognition of qualifications. This event will be a meeting point for Presidents of National Associations, Language Centre Directors, and representatives of national and international examining bodie.

We would like to invite all professionals in the field to share experiences and ideas creating an environment in which collaboration and innovation will be fostered.

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