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WHAT TO DO to take part

We welcome all companies and institutions, public or private, who are interested in working with our University as host companies to our UPV students and / or graduates.

For information regarding potential candidates interested in accessing UPV offers of internships, please complete and send the document "Current Vacancy" to the following email address: internships@sie.upv.es.

Upon receipt of the above document, we will publish the offer/s in the section of our website referred to as "offers".

When you have selected a single candidate from all of the candidates who have been contacting you via email, you must send an email to internships@sie.upv.es informing us of the selection of the student and stating whether you wish that the offer should continue to be published on our website or whether it should be removed. However, it must be the selected UPV student / graduate who contacts us in order to continue to process the work placement through the corresponding program.

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