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Busqueda de empresa

There are three ways in which you can carry out a search for a company:  Through the offers that are published on this part of the website  By directly contacting the company that you know through your own contacts  Through another search engine or by yourself We advise you that if you are not able to find a company through your own contacts, you should continue by: 1. Looking at offers of placements abroad of the Career and Employment Office, which we have included in the following section. Follow the instructions that are outlined on the website, so that you send your CV to the corresponding country. 2. In the case of any existing offers that do not fit your personal criteria, you should carry out the search on your own. For when this situation arises, the Work Placements Abroad Office is at your disposition offering you the following help:  A guide on how to prepare a cover letter  An outline of a C.V in English  Internet search engines, for both work placements and companies, related to your chosen criteria  A list of companies relating to your country and degree title If you would like to receive some of the above help for when you search for a company abroad, you can ask for it by sending an email to: info.leonardo@sie.upv.es (if you wish to carry out your placement in Europe) and to: placements@sie.upv.es (if you wish to carry out your placement outside of Europe). In the mentioned email you must put:  As the subject: Search for a company  In text: - Your name and surnames - Year and degree title at the UPV - Countries where you would like to carry out your placement (maximum of 3) - The sector of the company you would prefer to work in when carrying out your placements - The type of help that you need: CV outline in English, a guide for producing a cover letter etc. You can do it and good luck with your search!

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