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21 - 25 OCT ESTP Paris - EIVP : International Staff Week
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Dear Partner,

It is my pleasure to announce that ESTP Paris and EIVP are launching an International Staff Week which will take place in Paris from the 21st to the 25th October 2019. Under the theme “Internationalizing the engineering curricula”, we will discuss ways to foster and enhance mobility and (you guessed it!) internationalization in engineering schools and universities.

Registration is now open, for further information and a preliminary program please go to our IMotion dedicated page. The deadline to register has been set to October 1st.

For those lucky ones going to Helsinki for EAIE in September, we will be there too and can meet there as well J

We look forward to welcoming you in France and on behalf of the Staff Week Team, we send you our best regards from Paris and Cachan!

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