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VPN con Android 11 y anteriores
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The following instructions will guide you through a manual connection of the UPV VPN service on the Android hansdets.

1. First, from the 'Home' screen, click onto the menu and choose the 'Settings' option.

2. Click onto the 'More Settings' option.

3. Next, select 'Wireless & Networks' and click onto 'VPN'

4. Next, click onto 'Add VPN Network'

5. You may be prompted to add credential storage, click 'OK' to do this and follow the prompts.

6. You can now begin adding your login and server details, the name can be anything you like.

Select 'PPTP' from the list of VPN connection types, and check 'PPP encryption (MPPE)'

Enter the server address: vpn.upv.es and then, click onto the 'Save' button to save your settings.

7. Click onto the connection that you have just created.

8. Enter your login username and password:

  • username@upvnet.upv.es for UPVNET domain users

  • username@alumno.upv.es for ALUMNO domain users

In order to save the details for future use check the option to 'Save account information' then click onto 'Connect'.

9. Once connected the 'VPN to UPV' connection will display the word 'Connected' and a key will appear in the information bar.

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