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UPVNET (versiones con descarga de certificado)
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On this page you'll find how download and install DigiCert Assured ID Root CA and add the UPVNET network to improve security connection.

Next, we'll modify the connection setup to get a succesfully connection to UPV.

Install certificate

1.- Connect to UPV-INFO network, open a web browser app on your phone and go to this page

2.- Download certificate UserTrust ECC Certification Authority.cer ( If your device has problems with it, try this another UserTrust ECC Certification Authority.der )

You should be prompted to name and save the certificate. Name the certificate 'radius upv' for instance .

3. The install process will prompt you for the device lock code, as this is what Android uses to help secure the certificate. If there is no lock code or pin currently configured, you will be asked to create one.

Add the UPVNET network

This varies by device. This section outlines the general steps:

4.- Press on + icon, or “Add network”.

5.-Enter UPVNET (with capital letters) in the Network SSID .

Select “802.1x EAP” or “802.1x Enterprise” (older version of Android) under "Security"

Enter your user name following this syntax username@domain.upv.es ( What are my username and domain?).

Enter your password. The password isn't intranet PIN. If you don't remember it, set one new ( Set my password ).

Check 'Show advanced options'.

6.- Set the following options:

  • Set EAP Type / EAP Method to PEAP

  • Set Phase 2 Authentication or Subtype to MSCHAPV2

  • Set CA Certificate to radius upv

  • Leave User Certificate or Client Certificate blank

  • Leave Anonymous Identity blank.

7.- Click Save and then, click Connect to complete the set-up.

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