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VPN on Windows 7

This article explains how to create, setup and test a VPN connection on Windows 7. Remember to be connected to the Internet to use the VPN connection.

1. Click the Windows Start button, then click ‘Control Panel

2. Click ‘Network and Sharing Center’, then click ‘Set up a new connection of network

3. On the Set Up a Connection of Network screen, select ‘Connect to a workplace’, then click next:

4. On the Connect to a Workplace screen, select ‘Use my Internet Connection (VPN)’

5. Enter the VPN address vpn.upv.es into the ‘Internet address’ field and in the ‘Destination name’ field enter a description like your company name, then click next.

6. On this screen enter your User name and Password details. If you want this connection to remember your password, tick the ‘Remember this password’ checkbox. There are only 2 possible domains:UPVNET (staff) and ALUMNO (students) .

7. When you click Connect, Windows will try to connect using the information you have provided.

8. If all of the settings are correct Windows will confirm a successful connection and add it to your list of ‘Dial up and VPN’ connections within the ‘Network and Sharing Center’. Your computer is now connected to UPV network allowing you to access files remotely.

Connection errors

If you have connection errors, review the setting up of VPN, verify the Security tab matches the parameters shown in the image:

  • Type of VPN: Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)

  • Data encryption: Require encryption (disconnect if server declines)

  • Use Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP): Protected EAP (PEAP) (encryption enabled). Click the Properties button

The Protected EAP Properties must be with this parameters:

  • Validate server certificate

  • Connect to these servers: radius.upv.es

  • Trusted Root Certification Authority: DigiCert Assured ID Root CA

  • Authentication Method: EAP-MSCHAP v2

  • Click the Configure button

The EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties screen will open. Uncheck the box beside Automatically use my Windows Logon name and password (and domain if any). Click the OK button

VPN error codes

Shortcut to connect or disconnect your VPN connection

1. Click the Windows Networking symbol in the bottom right hand corner of your screen:

2. Select your VPN connection:

3. Click Connect/Disconnect

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