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If you are punished for having viruses in your computer, you can find here tools to help you clean your PC:

  • Antivirus online

  • Antivirus Kaspersky

    The university has Kaspersky antivirus licenses for the entire university community.

    You can install this antivirus from the website http://software.upv.es, where after login, you can access the section Otras aplicaciones"-> "Antivirus Kaspersky".

  • Sysclean

  • Sysclean is compatible with all versions of Windows. You don't need any software installed to use sysclean.

    To use the tool from Trend Micro Sysclean, follow these instructions:

1. Create a folder to download the tool. You can create for example folder in Sysclean c:\temp

2. Download tool from Internet


3. When the dialog box select Guardar . Do it in the folder you created for this purpose in section 1.

4. Wait for the download to complete and close the window.

5. Restart the computer in safe mode. To do this restart your computer press the F8 key repeatedly when it is booting. You will get a window similar to this:

6. Select the “Modo seguro con funciones de red” This text may vary depending on the OS. If a message confirming that you accept to work in safe mode.

7. Go to the folder where Sysclean (en el ejemplo c:\temp) and execute

The window black command line and start a download files. When finished the following window will appear:

Click the Scan button strong> and let it analyze the team.

8. When the analysis will show a window like this:

If you close the window without seeing the results, not displayed you can locate the file sysclean.log to be in the same folder where you saved that sysclean.

9. Check that all the infected files have been cleaned or deleted

10. If the log indicates that there are still infected files, send a copy to Trend Micro Technical Support for analysis.

It is up to you any eventuality arising from the use of antivirus.

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