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eduroam is a project created to facilitate the mobility of users Researchers from all affiliated agencies. They are in it European research centers as well as some other country like Australia. These institutions have deployed a wireless network called eduroam to enabling access to users from all organizations affiliates.

If you are a member of an institution affiliated with and is visiting eduroam at our university, you can connect using their credentials user of your home organization (see table I)

If you belong to the community of the UPV, you also know that this network in other organizations that are moving and you can access your user account at our university. (see on table II)

You can find more information about the project http://www.eduroam.es/

At the UPV, eduroam network is designed to be used by visitors and it only provides access to Web servers. If you is a member of the university community of the UPV, we recommend you choose any other network(UPVNET, or UPV-INFO with VPN) that allows access to all resources of Polithecnical University from Valencia.

At the UPV, the services available from the network eduroam are: connectivity total access to the Internet and, just for web servers to the UPV (Note: NOT allow access to shared resources or the mail unless they are webmail accounts, hotmail ... etc)

If you are a visitor and wish to access the eduroam network of UPV

Table I

Parameter Values
Network Authentication WPA2-Enterprise
Data Encryption AES
Kind of EAP which you use in your original side
Authentication Mode which you use in your original side
Issuer of the certificate server's RADIUS which you use in your original side
Username username@domain
Password which you use to all services
Roaming Identity (this field exists in some wifi servers) like field: 'Nombre de usuario'

If you're UPV member and go to another university affiliated:

Table II
Parameter Values
Network authentication/td> which you use in your original side
Data Encryption which you use in your original side
Kind of EAP protected EAP (PEAP)
Authentication mode EAP-MSCHAP v2
RADIUS Server radius.upv.es
Issuer of the certificate server's RADIUS

UserTrust ECC Certification Authority

Fingerprint : 20:D6:58:4E:29:A3:E4:AE:EA:EA:54:88:CC:A3:8D:B6:1F:53:74:A2

  • Case from PAS and PDI: username@upvnet.upv.es
  • Case from students: username@alumno.upv.es
Password which is used in all services
Roaming Identity (this field just exists in any wifi servers) like filed in username

Authentication of users should follow the guidelines of your university home. We use PEAP and certificates for servers only RADIUS. Thus, members of our university to travel to other universities that offer such a network must follow the configuration 'partnership' to the network eduroam, the college you go and 'authentication' that we use in the UPV.

Once authenticated the user is given a public IP address with the you can surf the Internet directly, although his team may not provide no public service.

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