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VPN con Mac OS X

Below is the process of creating a VPN connection to our university from a Macintosh with Leopard. This connection is necessary to gain access to computing resources of the university, that you have permission to access from a remote location to the campus.

Please make sure you are already connected to the Internet before starting this procedure.

1. Select “System Preferences

2. Click ' Network' from the new window

3. When the network screen pops up, click on the “+” icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

4. The new network screen will pop up. Under the Interface drop down list select VPN. Under the VPN Type drop down list select PPTP. In the 'Service Name field you can type anything you want, we recomend that you call the service 'VPN to UPV'. Click Create.

5. The settings for the new VPN connection will now be displayed. In the Server Address field type the name or the IP address of UPV VPN server: vpn.upv.es

In the Account Name field type your UPV usernamewith the next syntax 'username@domain.upv.es' , where 'domain can be one of these: UPVNET or ALUMNO .

Click on the Authentication Settings button. When the authentication settings windows comes up select the Password Radio button and enter your password in the box. Click Ok.

6. If you want access to journals and databases of the Library, click on the Advanced button and check the Send all traffic over VPN connection checkbox. Click Ok.

Otherwise skip this step.

7. Now, you should now be able to connect to the VPN connection.

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