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VPN con Windows 10
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Configuring the VPN with Windows 10

Before you start you should check the following points:

Open Windows Settings:

Add a new VPN:

Set up the new VPN.

For security we recommend that you DO NOT write the password and DO NOT activate the checkbox "Remember my sign-in info":

When finished, click on the Save button.

Open Windows Settings again, search "Control Panel" and click on it to open it:

Choose Network and Internet:

Open the Network and Sharing Center:

Open Change adapter settings:

Open VPN properties:

Set up the VPN as shown in the images:

Click on the Configure Authentication Method button and when the following dialog opens leave it as it appears in the image.

Now press the OK button, OK again, and you will return to the next screen, where we will have to disable the use of the default gateway on the remote network if we want Internet access not to be done through of the VPN, since this is only necessary if certain digital resources from the UPV library are going to be used.

Select the "Networking" tab, check the "Protocolo de Internet versión 4 (TCP/IPv4)" option and click the Properties button.

You must deactivate the option "Use default gateway on remote network".

If you have problems accessing some UPV digital resources via VPN, you can reactivate the checkbox.

Now, tap on OK and you will return to the Network Connections screen.

Double click on the VPN connection, using the left mouse button.

The Wi-Fi and VPN network connections box will open..

Now tap on the VPN connection:

Then the Connect to VPN button will appear. Press it.

Enter your username and password and click the OK button.

After pressing the Connect button, you will be connected to the UPV VPN.

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