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VPN para Android 12 y superiores con FortiClient
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FortiClient VPN connection to UPV

FortiClient VPN is a Fortinet Company APP, which can be used to connect to UPV Network through VPN from different operating systems, including Android. In this moment, this is the recommended option and the only valid option for Android 12 and above.

This APP must be installed in your device. For security reasons, it is important to check that it is the real Fortinet app. You can download it from these links:

Once you open the app, an option to create a new VPN tunnel will appear. You must choose IPSec VPN option if it is not the default.

Select "Server Settings" entry and after, select "Servers" entry

Your server Name is vpn.upv.es, Local ID is UPV and in Pre-shared key write upvnet.

Click on "Go Back" to return to previous page, select IPsec XAuth settings and fill the Username with your username using this format: username@upv.edu.es , where username is the user of your personal account.

The options username@upvnet.upv.es or username@alumno.upv.es can also be used depending on the group you belong to, but username@upv.edu.es will always work but for temporal accounts.

You can also introduce your password here to be kept, though it is not recommendable for security reasons.

Click in Go Back to return.

To be able to connect to the UPV VPN it is very important to make sure you are not already connected to the wifi UPV network.

To connect, click on Connect and write your password if you have not configured it before.

Remember that, in addition to the password, you will have to go through the 2FA (double factor authentication) in your mobile and must accept it.

If you have succeeded with the connection, a screen will appear containing the connection details, including the Local IP address you have been assigned to, which will be a 158.42.246.x..

From that moment on, all the traffic to UPV addresses including those private range internal UPV addresses will be sent through the VPN tunnel, meanwhile the rest of the traffic to the Internet will be sent directly without being tunnelled through the UPV VPN.

To finish the connection, open the ForticClient VPN app again and click on Disconnect.

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