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Meeting of PhD Students Participants  ...

One of the objectives of participation in this meeting is to acquire skills in science communication through the presentation of the research activity developed to a multidisciplinary group (researchers from various fields).

Doctoral candidates can participate under two modalities: with a poster presenting the thesis under development or with 3 minutes oral presentation (Pitch Challenge), with audio-visual support.

A total of 60 posters and 20 oral presentations, selected from all submitted by a panel of evaluators, will be presented. The material submitted by non-selected participations will also be published through the website of the meeting.

The posters will be displayed throughout the morning of the meeting and the authors will explain its content to other interested participants on site during the scheduled visit to the Poster Area. The jury will select the best 8 posters for an 3 minutes oral exposure with the poster displayed. Among these, the jury will select for the best presentation in this mode. Participants in the meeting will also elect by vote one poster and this mention will also be recognized.

In the afternoon session, the three-minute oral presentations (Pitch Challenge), will take place. A jury will choose the best and also the participants choose one by vote.

Both the posters and oral presentations may also be in English.

The best poster and oral presentation chosen by the jury will receive a diploma. The 8 posters selected by the jury, and the poster and oral presentation selected by the participants will receive a diploma. All the registered participants will have a diploma according with their type of participation.

Participants who have made posters or presentations in previous editions may re-participate, but with a different job.

Papers presented and selected in previous editions will not be considered if they are re-submitted.

Recognition of the activity

The participation in this meeting will suppose recognition of transversal training hours:

  • Attendance: 5 hours
  • Attendance with oral presentation or poster unselected: 10 hours
  • Attendance with oral presentation or poster selected: 15 hours

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