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Learning Centre

The Campus de Gandia supplies a wide range of non-formal courses which are supplementary to the formal training and are adapted for the real world needs.

A whole supply which is appropriate for increasing student knowledge and skills. This is a training opened to Gandia’s social and economic needs.

1. EQF (European Qualifications Framework) Level 7 Private Diplomas:

2. EQF (European Qualifications Framework) Level 6 Private Diplomas:

a. Certificate in Computer Communications and Networks Certificate in Creative Videogame Design

3. Specific training courses supplied by university members or demanded by national or foreign business companies or public institutions.

Courses supplied

Courses demanded

4. Congresses

Campus de Gandia support technical and scientific congresses managed by professionals and researchers as long as Universitat Politécnica de València promotes them.

We have all the technical and human resources required for a first class developing of congresses. We have exclusive facilities like the Aula Magna and several Conference Rooms with a capacity of five-hundred people.

Annual Congresses Hosted by Campus de Gandia:

5. Summer Courses:

Summer Courses are been held from 2008. It is a well-Known activity in our local learning area.

More information about learning courses: www.cfp.upv.es

More information and contact:

Luisa Camps Palanca
Learning Centre - Campus de Gandia
Office F-201
E-mail: macampa@upv.es - cfpgandia@cfp.upv.es
Tel. 962849456 Ext. 49456

Attention to the public: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 9:00h to 14:00h
Out of this schedule, please fix an appointment by email

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