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Universitat Politècnica de València - Campus de Gandia

Patio del Campus

With more than 1.500 students, the Campus de Gandia of Universitat Politècnica de València offers quality courses given by the best professors whose excellence on teaching and researching is supported by one of the main Spanish universities, the Universitat Politècnica de València. Here the students enjoy a personalized service, a well-connected location due to the railway and the free bus line that connects the Campus and the city of Gandia. Moreover, those who would rather not get around have an affordable wide accommodation supply. The Campus de Gandia also offers scholarships, besides institutional ones, including fellowships for researching and management.

Practice oriented resources

The Campus de Gandia have several resources for ensure that the students are getting used to their own professional technologies. Our facilities include the Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI), laboratories, computer rooms and radio and television studios, all of them easily accessible for students.

Otherwise, the Campus put at disposal of the students meeting and reunion places like sport areas, green zones and rooms for sociocultural activities.

Bridge towards employment

The chances of joining job market are higher in the Campus de Gandia due to the student internships we offer. The University, the companies and the public institutions sign annually dozens of agreements. The Internal Employment Service also provides several job offers for the UPV students in order to ease occupation opportunities. Furthermore, the Ideas Institute of the Campus de Gandia support business endeavors developed by students, professors or staff.

In the other hand, we have an Entrepreneur Centre where you will find an space, personal advising and opportunities to start a business project; and an Innovation Chair providing learning, contacts and many other activities to put you in the business forefront.

International programmes

Jovenes en el Campus

You can attend in our campus an international dual degree course that enhances job possibilities. Our students have also several chances to finish their training staying abroad. Erasmus and the Socrates are the most popular scholarships, international programs that allow studying in more than 300 European universities. Other international scholarships are Promoe, Leonardo da Vinci, Intercampus España-América Latina and IAESTE.

The Campus de Gandia of UPV is one of the main universities in Comunitat Valenciana by number of Erasmus incoming students.

Enjoying leisure and culture

Gandia is the cultural reference in region. This, besides its seaside tourist attraction, makes it a landmark destination for several travelers. City cultural agenda includes concerts, stage plays, exhibitions and independent cinema showings. Campus de Gandia is one of the city’s most active focuses of cultural promotion.

Science Model

UPV’s scientific work is world-renowned. It has many academic cooperation relationships with the best universities of the world. We are an enterprising and innovative university who stands out for training researchers and creating technology business. UPV serves society with strong social and environmental commitments.

UPV really gets behind scientific research in the Campus de Gandia through organizations like the Instituto de Investigación para la Gestión Integrada de Zonas Costeras (IGIC) who cooperates with the Instituto Español de Oceanografía.

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