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The book collection is freely accessible except for the material (CD-ROMs, DVDs...) stored in the library office for protection reasons. It is not necessary to belong to the university community of the UPV to use the library's collection. Users can access the PoliBuscador search engine from both the library computers and the Internet to identify and locate the material available not only in the Industrial Engineering School Library, but in all the UPV libraries.

Any questions regarding PoliBuscador, you can access to the Library Guides.


In order to access the loan service, it is essential to belong to the university community and show your UPV or ID card. The rules regulating the loan service establish loan periods that vary according to the type of user and item, as shown in the following table:


Type of item

Loan period

No. of renewals

Total items





15 days

Autorenewals form 15 days to a maximum of 4 months.

Films, maximum of 2 months

30 items (in all libraries)


15 days


7 days



Academic year


65 items


Academic year

Novels, poetry books and progressive readings for language learning are considered literature. Both fiction and documentary films have a loan period of 7 days (3 if on reserve) for all users.

Special extended loan periods are established during holiday periods and are announced well in advance.

Items must be returned within the indicated deadlines. Otherwise, the penalty for users will be one day of suspension per item and day overdue, period of time during which users cannot use the loan service of any of the UPV Libraries, nor can they renew the material they have borrowed or make item reserves.

For more information on the materials on loan in the UPV Libraries, it is recommended that you check the following table.

You can see the documents you have borrowed at any time through PoliBuscador> My Library> My Loans. If you need more information, you can consult the Library Guide.

Teaching and research staff can loan during the academic year (until 30 June). They must present this request form to the Library holding the collections. The authorization of the loan will be subject to criteria such as number of copies, number of uses, etc.

This loan can also be authorized for staff attached to other entities, such as UPV Services.

Items on loan can be renewed up during 15 dais to a maximum of 4 months, provided there are no reserves placed on them by other users or there are no books pending return for which the loan period has expired.

This manually operation is performed from Polibuscador, once the user is identified (Identification Link in PoliBuscador), by clicking on My Library > Loans, or from the University Intranet, using the Library Services > My Library > Loan option

For more information, you can consult the Library guide.

It is used for reserving an item of our interest . Users can reserve up to a maximum of 25 items by accessing from PoliBuscador, and once the desired copy is located, by clicking on Reserve (users must be logged in PoliBuscador).

When the item is available for collection, an e-mail notification is sent and the item is reserved for 2 working days, during which it can be collected at the library desk. If, upon reception of the notification, the document is no longer needed, users can delete the Reserve from PoliBuscador, once logged in, through My Library > Requests > Cancel, or from the University Intranet, using the Library Services > My Library option.

For more information, you can consult the Library guide.

NEW ADQUISITIONS: Creating alerts in PoliBuscador

There is a specific web section with the monthly new documents that are coming to the Industrial Library.

On the Polibuscador page, we can see the new acquisitions of the last month and the last week, being able to filter the Library with the filters on the right.

In order to be informed of the new library acquisitions, users can create alerts in PoliBuscador and will receive a message through RSS feed or e-mail with the information on the new items that correspond to the created alert.


Any member of the university community (students, professors, researchers, ASS, etc.) can recommend the purchase of bibliographic material (monographs in any medium, audiovisual material, etc.) for any of the libraries and rooms of the UPV.

To request new acquisitions, users must log in to PoliBuscador. They can request:

  • The purchase of copies of existing items, once the item has been found, by clicking on the Requests tab and selecting the Purchase Request option.

  • The purchase of copies of new items through PoliBuscador > My library > New purchase, by filling in the details of the desired resource.

Users can learn about the status of their request by accessing PoliBuscador > My Library > Requests > Request List.

In this section users will find information on the different ways to keep up to date with the latest acquisitions of the library.


The library staff will answer any question or information request either in person, by phone or online (e-mail, chat or the Library Responds form).

In addition, the Library offers the Appointment service, through which a librarian will help answer information needs in a more extensive and specialised way.

One of the main roles of the Library is to help the university community develop Information Skills such as search, use and management of information. To this end, the Library collaborates and participates in:

  • Training sessions on library services or resources

  • ESC or LLC courses and workshops

  • On-demand sessions upon professor's request

In addition, specialised materials and guides are prepared for students and researchers.

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