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Access to the library collection is free and open except for material that is protected, very old or obsolete and stored in the library office or in the stacks (Compactus). To consult the Library holdings, you do not have to be a member of the UPV university community.

The library computers can be used to access the catalogue and locate material available in our library and in all the UPV libraries. The catalogue can also be accessed over the Internet.

You can also access the sub-catalogues for Final Year Projects and Theses.


Library material can be taken out on loan by members of the university community who are UPV card holders for an initial period of 7 or 15 days. The maximum number of items that can be taken out on loan is 13: 7 study and 6 non-study (novels, poetry, films, etc.). Films are loaned for three days.

Other materials cannot be taken out on loan as they are only available for on-site consultation or have a very limited loan period, such as weekend books, which are loaned on Fridays and must be returned the following Monday.

Loan renewals

Loan items can be renewed up to a maximum of 6 times provided that another user is not registered on the waiting list and you do not have a fine pending. To renew an item, go on the UPV intranet (accessible using your ID number and PIN), Library Services > My Library > Loans and Waiting List.

Waiting List

Use this service to reserve items already out on loan or held in other UPV libraries. To register on the waiting list, search for the book you want in the catalogue and then click on the Waiting List link that appears under the information on the book and the number of copies held. When the item becomes available we will notify you by e-mail and hold it for 3 working days at the selected library.

Remember that if you do not collect the item before the deadline, a 2-day fine will be applicable.

Loans in special periods

During the holiday period (Christmas, Fallas, Easter and summer) special longer loan periods will be applied.

Loans to departments

For loans on behalf of a Department, you must complete an application form which should be signed by the Head of Department and handed to a member of Library staff.


Any member of the university community can ask the library to purchase a book or any other kind of document not held in our collections or in insufficient numbers. Access this section from your personal page in Library Services > Acquisitions.

Progress of the request (processed, received, cancelled, claimed or rejected) can also be checked in the same way.


The Library can help to:

- carry out bibliographic searches in catalogues and databases.

- answer queries on how to use the Library services and resources

- help you with any information you may need for your studies.

Ask the librarian.


The Library organises courses and sessions to inform about its resources and services and to help users improve their information search skills.

These training activities take place regularly and can be in several formats:

·          Induction Days, taking place in September for all new students.

·          talks on using the catalogue, databases, etc.

·          courses run by the Postgraduate Training Centre and

·          workshops for presenting new information resources.


The service is restricted to study-related activities: digital information sources, databases, electronic magazines and journals. Accessing other services such as online chat, games, pages with illicit content, etc., is not permitted.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the library for consulting resources via laptop PCs.  It can be used for free access to our databases, online magazines and journals, and electronic books.

There are also:

·          2 PCs for consulting the catalogue and self-management of renewals.

·          4 PCs for accessing the Internet.

.          1 PCs for accessing the Intranet.


You can find the Campus reprographics service on the first floor of the faculty.

En breve estará conectada desde los ordenadores de la Biblioteca para que envies tus documentos a la cola de impresión.

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