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Most of the collection of the School of Design Engineering Library is freely accessible. It is organised by subjects and contains the specialised bibliography required for the degrees taught at the School. There is a cabinet (shelf or set of shelves holding the books on the same subject) for every subject matter.

The key piece of information to locate a book is the code called "call number". It indicates the library, the cabinet and the sequential order of the book within the cabinet, for example P 3-57/254:

Library Bookcase Secuential order





The Library has an storeroom and other closed access facilities, where Final Degree Projects, old works, Bulletins, part of our newspaper library (free access only to the last 5 years) and Professor Pedro Coca's donation are kept. The entire collection can be located through Polibuscador. You can consult documents that are not present at the library by making a reservations or asking for them at the counter.

At present, our bibliographical fund is composed of some 30,000 monographs..

Remember that, in order to locate the information you need, you can consult Polibuscador from any of the Library's computer.

Consutl the layout of the cabinets.


More than technique...

Althoug the library is specialised in documents and information resources in mechanical engineering, electrical, electronics, aerospace engineering, and industrial design, also have other funds for the free time and the human development and culture.
Here you can see a selection

At the library of the ETSID you can find a collection of materials of languages to improve your level, prepare your stay abroad or prepare yourself to the examinations of certification. We have books of studio by levels, fascicles of exercises, grammars...

You can see our selection and request for those of your interest or see the complete collection in the bookcase 0-40 of the library.

Also you have a wide collection of dictionaries to help you with your tasks, and you will find even more in the O-g bookcase.


know new histories, discover some classical, live exciting experiences and adventures...

You can see our selection of titles and request for those of your interest or discover them all in the bookcase 0-32 of the library.

Scientific literature

Discover endless curiosities of the science, the technology or the geography...

You can pick some title of our selection or get lost at the bookcase 7-3 of the library.

Travel guides

Prepare your next vacation, organize your Erasmus, enjoy the essentials of the city that you like so much or the best routes in nature.

Here are some suggestions, find more in bookcase 6-21 in the library.

Recommended Bibliography

In the ETSID library we are commited to having at least one copy of the books recommended by teachers in their classes.

You can locate your class bibliography by title or code by selecting "Course bibliography" in the advanced search in Polibuscador.

Check the help video

Here is the link to the recommended bibliography for ETSID degrees and master's degrees. Select the course of your interest in the filters on the right in Polibuscador.

Degrees Bibliography:

Master's Degrees Bibliography:



In the library we have deposited part of the final theses read in this School. Academic papers can be located by consulting Polibuscador and limiting the search to "Trabajos académicos".

According to the ETSID regulations, to consult the thesis the express permission of the author is required.

The Thesis deposited in RIUNET in open access can be consulted freely.


At the ETSID library we have a wide collection of journals (over 180 titles), most of them specialized in the subjects studied at the ETSID.

Many of these journals are no longer received, but we keep them for their thematic and/or historical interest (the holdings of some of the titles date back to the end of the 19th century).

If you want to see the journals we currently have subscribed to, come to the library or check the content of the latest issues in the summaries section of the web.

If you want to see the other journals, check the journal's section on the web.

You can also see all titles at Polibuscador.


Polibuscador is the UPV's bibliographic search engine. With a natural language and a Google-like search method, PoliBuscador helps you find out information. From a single search box, it gives you access to multiple resources: the UPV Catalogue, RiuNet (UPV's Institutional Repository), Primo Central, databases, etc...

PoliBuscador is also the interface for the library's personalised services, allowing you to: renew loans, reserve documents, request the purchase of new copies...


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