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Due to COVID-19 some services have been modified. Find out here or at the library


All the books are freely accessed in the library, except for those materials (CD-ROM, DVD...) which, for protection reasons, are kept in the Library office. The 9-99 Compactus cabinet, the Pedro Coca 9-50 donation and the Old Works are stored in the library's storage areas.

All books and journals freely accessible can be loaned.

You don't need to belong to the UPV community to consult them.

You can also read in the library those books located in Deposit. These books aren't in the study room because they are not usually used or have especial characteristics (antique books, donations, etc.). If you want to read any of these books you must ask for it at the library desk or request for it at Polibuscador.

There are some computers at the library to access to Polibuscador.


To be able to access the loan service, you must belong to the UPV community and present your UPV or your ID card.

Remember that the card is personal and non-transferable: only the cardholder can use it.

The conditions for borrowing documents are as follows:

Standard loan

Reduced loan (Films & Magazines)




15 days
(7 if already reserved*)

7 days
(3 if already reserved)

7 days

Can be done


15 days

7 days
(3 if already reserved)

No laptop loans

25 reservations of borrowed or available copies at most.

Other groups

15 days
(7 if already reserved*)

7 days
(3 if already reserved)

No laptop loans

25 reservations of borrowed copies at most


Up to 4 months

Up to 2 months

Up to 1 month

Period for picking up booked copies: 2 days


1 day for every day of delay

4 days for every day of delay

Days on which the library is closed do not count

Loan limit

30 documents in total (of which only 1 laptop and 1 booth are allowed)

* Literature, 15 days without reduction even if it is reserved

You can also borrow journals from the School of Design Engineering Library. They will stay for seven days and can be renewed for a maximum two months.

During vacation periods, special loan conditions will be established, which will last throughout the non-school period.


Long term loan (PDI)

Teaching and research staff may borrow materials from UPV Libraries for an academic year (until 30 June). To do so, it is necessary to submit this request form to the library containing the collections. Authorisation to borrow the requested materials will be subject to criteria such as the number of copies, the number of uses, etc.

Staff assigned to other entities, such as UPV Services, may also be authorised for long term loans.

Loan of laptops

At the School of Design Engineering Library we offer laptop loan service exclusively to the ETSID students.

We have 20 computers avaliable for 7-day loan, 5 of which are licensed as Adobe CC suite, and 5 computers avaliable for one-day loan. See the instaled software suite

The opening hours for the loan and return of laptops are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Loan of other devices

At the information desk you can borrow headsets, scientific calculators, mobile phone chargers and power strips.

We also have 11 programmable Texas Instruments TI-nspire CX CAS calculators.

To help you with your academic works, we also have one pantone card and a paper guillotine.

All this devices are on loan for 1 day.



The loaned copies can be renewed for a maximum period of 4 months, as long as they are not booked by another user and there are no books to be returned.

Loans are automatically renewed 2 days before the due date, if the book is eligilble for renewal. If it cannot be renewed, you will receive an e-mail requiring you to return it.

Also, renewals can be done in the folowing ways:

  • From the "My Library" section, which can be found in Polibuscador, in PoliformaT or on your intranet

  • By phone (+34 96 387 70 7000 - Extensions 78150 and 78829).

  • By going to the loan counter.

  • From the self-service machine


You can request for the documents of your interest. To do this, go to Polibuscador and identify yourself. Once you have found the book you want, click on the "request" button.

When the document is avaliable to be picked up, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of this, and then you will have two business days to pick it up at the library counter. If, when you receive the notice, you no longer need the document, you can cancel your reservation from Polibuscador, once you have identified yourself, by going to My Library > Requests > Cancel.

You can have up to 25 documents reserved at the same time



The Design Library has a self-service machine for borrowing, renewing and returning books from this library without having to go to the library desk. The machine also offers access to your Library account.

The Self-service mahcine is located next to the library counter.

Why do I have to keep using the library desk?

You will have to continue to use the library desk when you need to borrow o return the documents attached to the copy. whenever you have any doubts about how this service works, you can contact us.



Library staff will answer any questions or rquests for infomation made in person, by phone or online (via email, chat, or the Policonsulta form).

In addition, the library offers an appointment service with a librarian who will help solve more extensive or specialised information needs.

The library's role in information skills (searching, using and managing information) training leads to different activities taking place:

  • Participation in the UPV Wellcome Days

  • Training sessions on library services or resources

  • Courses and workshops offered through the CFP or the ICE

And to the creation of support materials for self-learning:

  • Library Polimedia

  • Slideshare presentations

  • The Library's collection of teaching materials in Riunet

  • Library guides

  • Specific thematic guides:



    Teachers, researchers, administration and services staff, and studentes can request the purchase of any type of document for any of the UPV libraries, its final acquisition will be decided upon by the Library's acquisitions staff.

    • Proposing to buy more copies of a document already existing in the UPV collections: Once you have searched the document in PoliBuscador, on the record information screen, click on "Purchase Request".

    • Suggesting to buy a document that is not part of our collections currently: In the home screen of PoliBuscador, click on the three points in the top menus and select "Purchase request"

    Don't forget to indicate the library for which you want the document to be acquired.

    When a document is not available in the UPV collections, the possibility of accessing it via the interlibrary loan service will also be taken into consideration.

    More information

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