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All books can be freely accessed in the room, except for those materials which due to security reasons (CD-ROM, DVD...) are located in the Library's office. The 9-99 Compactus cupboard, the Pedro Coca 9-50 donation and the Old Works are stored in the library storeroom.

It is not necessary to belong to the university community of the UPV to use them.

Polibuscador can be accessed from both Library computers and the internet, this engine allows the search of resources available not only in our Library, but in any of the UPV libraries. que nos permite la búsqueda de los recursos disponibles no sólo en nuestra biblioteca, sino en cualquiera de las bibliotecas de la UPV.


In order to access the loan service, it is necessary to belong to the university community of the UPV and show your UPV or ID card.

Remember that the card is personal and non-transferable: only the cardholder can use it.

The conditions are shown in the following table:

Standard loan

Reduced loan (Films & Magazines)




15 days
(7 if already reserved*)

7 days
(3 if already reserved)

7 days

It can be reserved


15 days

7 days
(3 if already reserved)

No laptop loans

Up to 25 reserves of loaned or available items.

Other groups

15 days
(7 if already reserved*)

7 days
(3 if already reserved)

No laptop loans

Up to 25 reserves of loaned items


Up to 4 months

Up to 2 months

1 renewal

Up to 2 weeks

Period for the collection of reservations: 2 days


1 day per day of delay

4 days per day of delay

Those days on which the library is closed do not count

Loan limit

30 items in total (of which only 1 laptop and 1 booth are allowed)

* Literature, 15 days without reduction if it is on reserve

** TRS/ASS from Valencian Universities (PIVU5), 3 items, excluding films

The journals of the newspaper archive of the Design Engineering Library can also be lent. The loan will be on Fridays and days preceding a holiday, so you may take them home for the weekend.

During holiday periods, special loan periods will be established and extended throughout the non-teaching period.

All items must be returned in the indicated deadlines; otherwise the users will be given a one day penalty for each day of delay and for each item. The penalty implies not being able to use the loan service of any of the UPV Libraries and also not being allowed to renew the items on loan or make any item reservations.

For loans on behalf of department, the requesting teacher must fill out a request and submit it, signed by the head of department, to the library director.

Laptop loans

The library offers a laptop loans service for the students of the ETSID.

There are 11 computers available for a 7 days loan, 5 of these computers included the licence of Adobe CC suite. Consult the programs installed

You can borrow and return a laptop on Monday to Friday from 9:00h to 20:00h.

Loan of other devices

You can also borrow calculators, headphones, computer mouses, mobile chargers and extension cords at the library. Ask for them to the library staff.

Besides there are 10 Texas Instruments TI-nspire CX CAS programmable calculators.

The loan period of these devices is of one day


This operation can be performed from:

Items on loan can be renewed up during 15 dais to a maximum of 4 months, provided there are no reserves placed on them by other users or there are no books pending return for which the loan period has expired. This manually operation is performed from Polibuscador, once the user is identified (Identification Link in PoliBuscador), by clicking on My Library > Loans, or from the University Intranet, using the Library Services > My Library > Loan option

  • My Library section that can be found in both PoliBuscador and Poliformat or in the intranet

  • By telephone (+34 96 387 70 7000 - Extensions 78150 and 78829).

  • Going to the loan desk

  • A self-loan machine.

Items will automatically renew two days before their due date, extending their loan period from their original due dates. If items cannot be renewed, you will receive an email with the due date.


Up to 25 items can be reserved. The copy in question can be accessed and located through PoliBuscador, by clicking on Requests> Reserve.

When the document is available for collection, a notification is received by email, at which time the user will have two business days for collection at the library desk. If you no longer need the document when you receive the notification, you may cancel the reservation from PoliBuscador. Once identified, through My Library> Requests> Cancel; or from the University Intranet, using the option Library Services> My Library.


The Design Library provides a Self-Loan service for books, which is carried out through a machine, without having to go use the library desk. Library books may be loaned, renewed and returned. It also provides access to user accounts.

The Self-Loan machine is located next to the library desk.

Why do I have to keep using the desk?

We will still have to use the library desk when we need to lend or return the attached documents of the copy. Should you have any doubts about the operation of this service, do not hesitate to contact the library.

Auto-Loan User Guide


The library staff will answer any question or information request either in person, by phone or online (via email, chat, or the Ask a librarian form).

The role of the library in terms of training in information skills (search, use and management of information) is embodied in different activities:

And in the creation of support materials for self-learning:


Any member of the university community (students, lecturers, researchers, ASS, etc.) may suggest the purchase of bibliographical materials (monographs in any medium, audiovisual material, etc.) for any of the UPV libraries and rooms. The request shall be reviewed by the library's acquisition area.

  • Purchase tip: Once you have searched the document in PoliBuscador, click on the Requests tab and select the Purchase Request option.

  • New acquisition: The purchase of new documents can be done through PoliBuscador or the intranet> My Library> New acquisition, filling in the data of the item that you would like to request.

When a document is not available in the collections of the UPV, the possibility to access to it through the interlibrary loan service will also be taken into account. For more information, please see the Guide: Request for the purchase of books

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