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The Central Library holds a journal collection of about 2,500 different titles that includes the print journals collection available for free consultation in the Library reading room and the electronic journals collection which is accessible from Polibuscador.

We have opened a new space: the "Journals Reading Room", with 22 reading seats that is located on the second floor, in the Information Room and next to the computers and books loan desk. In this new space, a selection of about 200 journal titles is available for consultation (issues of the last five to eight years), arranged alphabetically and classified into three large groups:

The rest of titles that are part of the journal collection are located in the Store Room. If you need to consult a journal that is located in the Store Room, you may request it through Polibuscador or through the Interlibrary Loan form.

Journals can be borrowed for 7 days in term time and loans can be renewed up to 2 months. Some titles may be excluded from loan due to its historical or rare value.

In addition to the print journals that can be borrowed or consulted in the reading rooms, the journal collection of the Central Library also includes electronic journals. Check Polibuscador to see the complete list of titles in print and electronic format.

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