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UPV Central Library Study Rooms: "In the Library choose your space"
The Library has approximately 1,380 study places that are distributed in different rooms. Not all study rooms have the same characteristics. Therefore, we recommend that each user find the area that best suits their study needs. The most notable areas are: study booths in groups, intensive study rooms that are La Ciencia and La TÚcnica and the Multipurpose Room. For the use of all of them it is necessary to know and respect the rules and conditions of use that apply.
These rooms are for individual and silent study only. No laptops are allowed. You can find them in:
These are zones to work in groups were conversations should be conducted using moderate tones. You can find them in:
Individual Study Rooms.
These are rooms for individual study in which silence is required, but the use of laptops is allowed. You can find them in:
In the Central Library there are other rooms designed with a more relaxed environment where you can read the latest magazines and talk with friends while you are connected to the Internet. You can find them in::

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