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Salas de la Biblioteca Central

Due to the antiCOVID-19 measures, the library's spaces and services are undergoing modifications to adapt them to the new situation.

For any questions about them, get in touch with us through our Chat, by PoliConsulta or by phone.

While the restrictions due to COVID-19 last, access to study rooms will be restricted to the UPV community.

If you are not part of the UPV community, but you need access to the study rooms (for example, to consult an item) send a request stating your case through the Policonsulta app. The library will answer you as soon as possible.

This course is going to be different because of the coronavirus. For that reason we have adapted our spaces and services so the university community can continue to have access to library resources.

All members of the university community are responsible for complying with the measures aimed at controlling and reducing the transmission of COVID-19. It is up to everyone to keep contagions away from our university.

Therefore, thank you fou your patience and understanding.

The rooms of the UPV Central Library and its collections are available to the general public, except during examination periods, when access is limited to faculty, staff, students, and UPV Alumni.


The Central Library has around 1.300 study seats distributed in different spaces. We seek to provide a range of different study environments so that you can choose the one which best reflects your needs.

  • If you want quiet study without any noise, not even computers, you can use the silent study rooms, equipped with individual study seats. mobile phones and computers are not allowed in this area. This space is intended to be always silent. If it is not, let the Library staff know.
  • If you want to study in a space with larger tables and work with your computer, then you can choose the individual study rooms, where you have to keep quiet but you can use laptops.
  • Do you have to work on projects or tasks in group? You have two options: the group study booths, for groups of up to 6/8 people on the first and third floor; or the group study rooms, where you can discuss your work with your friends without worrying about disturbing others as a reasonable level of noise is tolerated.
Rooms Seats Equipment
Individual Study Rooms

-- La Información.

2nd floor

- 270 seats (Accessible: 11)

- 34 computers.

-- 24 computers with Internet access. (Accessible: 1).

-- 6 computers dedicated to accessing the Library Catalogue.

-- 4 A3 and A4 scanners.

-- Desks with power outlets.

-- La Cultura.

3rd floor

- 190 seats (Accessible: 2),

- 2 computers (Accessible: 1),

-- Individual seats.

-- Desks with power outlets.

Silent Study Rooms

-- La Ciencia.

2nd floor.

- 138 seats (Accessible: 2),

-- Individual seats.

-- La Técnica.

3rd floor.

-- 183 seats (Accessible: 2)

-- Individual seats.

Group Work Rooms

-- La Humanidad.

2nd floor

-- 68 seats (Accessible: 2)

-- Desks with power outlets.

-- La Tierra.

3rd floor.

- 120 seats (Accessible: 2).

-- Desks with power outlets.

Group Study Booths

-- Group Study Booths.

3rd floor.

Group study booths keys can be checked out from the 2nd floor circulation desk during the desk's service hours.

Check the group study booths policies.

- Cultura (33 from 4 up to 6 seats; 1 of 8 seats).

Total: 140 seats (2 accessible group study booths).

- Whiteboard.

- Power outlets.


Rooms Seats Equipment
Journals Reading Room

- The Journals Reading Room is located on the second floor, in La Información Room. This space helds a selection of about 200 journal titles available for consultation, arranged alphabetically and classified into three large groups:.Art Journals, Architecture Journals and Multi-Thematic Journals.

- 22 seats.

-- Individual seats.

-- Two seater sofas.

-- Modular puffs.

The Press Corner

- The Press Corner has a selection of local and national newspapers, economic newspapers, magazines not subscribed by the Library, catalogs, brochures, etc. The press is kept for two weeks.

- 10 seats.

-- Display magazine and newspaper display rack,

-- Tables and armchairs.

Lounge Room 1st floor - The first floor rest space has tables with Internet connection and different spaces for individual or group rest. - 42 seats

-- Desks with power outlets

-- Two seater sofas.

-- Modular puffs.


Items that are turned in at the 2nd floor Circulation Desk are kept during two weeks an then sent to the Lost and Found Office located in the information booth at the entrance of the Polytechnic City of Innovation, on the east end of the Campus of Vera (Hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

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