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All materials are freely accessible except for that stored in the library office or in the warehouse for reasons of protection, age or obsolescence. It is not necessary to belong to the university community of the UPV to use the library's collection.

The search and location of the various materials is done from Polibuscador.

The search scope in PoliBuscador

The scope of PoliBuscador define where the system should perform the search. You can restrict/change the default search scope by selecting any of the options offered in the search box drop-down menu. The scopes available are:

  • All: simultaneous search in all scopes covered

  • All UPV libraries: Searches for items located in one of the UPV libraries.

  • Primo Central: Commercial database containing 400 million records from tens of thousands of journals, external repositories, etc. Some of these magazines are contracted by the UPV, so access to the full text is available.

  • RiuNet: Institutional repository of the UPV that collects the academic work of the University. In it you can find: Doctoral theses, virtual laboratories, polimedia, Final Projects, Master Thesis, etc.

  • E-journals: Electronic journals subscribed by the UPV.

  • E-books: Electronic books subscribed by the UPV.

  • Databases: It allows searching databases subscribed by the UPV.

  • Web resources: Selection of websites of interest compiled by the Library.



It is necessary to log in to be able to use all the options offered by the PoliBuscador at the highest level :

  • Adding the records found to MI PORTAL permanently, managing them in folders and exporting them to a bibliographic reference manager such as Refworks, Delicious, etc.

  • Saving the preferred queries permanently, under QUERIES. Setting alerts for saved queries.

  • Accessing library services such as: list of current and historical loans, renewals and purchase requests from MY LIBRARY, also, you may set your preferences for the search sessions.

  • Tagging and commenting documents.

Once the query is over, it is very important to log out so that your personal information is not accessible to other users..



The bibliography recommended by subjects is a set of documents that professors recommend to their students in each of the subjects they teach during the academic year. All these documents are available in the library

To search for an item of the bibliography of subjects we must access PoliBuscador and click on the link located for that purpose on the search box. The results obtained can then be filtered by Degree or Subject from the filters offered by the menu in the left column of the results page.

To view the recommended bibliography of a subject, click on the subjects’ bibliography link and type in the search box the name or the code of the subject.



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